Noise Play Cam Review

Finally, the wait for an affordable action camera is over! An indigenous creation from Gonoise, the most affordable action camera is here for all surfboarders, skateboarders, swimmers and all action lovers. This is the first-ever initiative into the action camera segment by the manufacturer who is famed for making smart watches and premium, protective covers for smartphones. The compelling features and affordable price makes Noise Play the best ever in the recently introduced action cameras and in no time it would capture the market in the economical edition category. And what makes it even more appealing is its price, offered only at one-third the price of regular action cameras sold in the market.

Let’s delve in to the gripping features of this small, flawless design that make up the Noise Play action Camera. Here we go!

Broad Features

Noise Play comes with a variety of exciting capabilities, the most prominent being its 4K video recording feature. It offers 30M waterproof resistance, burst/time lapse of 12MP/30fps, built in Wifi, battery life of 1050 mAh that is claimed to last for 130+ minutes- all incorporated for solid overall performance. Packed with 16 MP Sony Sensor alongside 170 degree wide angle lens, with shooting modes-Photo, video, playback and slow-motion. It is easy to activate controls within each mode such as loop recording, regular shooting or shooting time-lapse video. It is also possible to deactivate audio recording at your choice.


It is often perceived that economic editions lack the charm and appeal of top players in the market, nevertheless Noise Play action cam refutes it exhaustively to a great extent. The design and build resembles its Chinese counterparts and thus makes Noise Play a fair contender taking into account the price at which it is offered. Comes with a full plastic body with rough grip on the sides, Noise Play features a soft rubber texture on the front.


The 2 inch LCD display on the rear catches the current shooting mode, though it’s a big lacuna that many display features you see in popular expensive action cameras are missing on Noise Play. It features buttons to navigate and change settings since there is no touch display. You can power on the camera with the button on the front and can also be used for changing the modes. On the left side, there is Micro-USB port, slot for Micro SD card with a speed class of 10 or higher are supported. The navigation buttons are placed on the right side. Also, the up-arrow acts as a toggle button for Wifi when you are connecting Noise Play action cam to smartphone. The blue and red LED lights on the rear shows power and charging status respectively. The display performance under sunlight and outdoors is average and the protective panel is delicate as well.


During daylight, the video quality is pretty good while shooting at full HD 60 fps gives a clear view of close objects with colors look similar to original but optimal exposure control remains as a downside. You cannot expect a great image quality at night, while the objects in video would be vague. Audio quality is good, but the waterproof case makes it even less functional. Daylight photos are better when compared to those taken at night, provided you haven’t tried cropping and zoom in features. You can get information on the free space available on MicroSD card, audio recording status and battery level. Even though you cannot see the status LEDs while using accessories. In the photos mode, change image resolution and set timer at your discretion. It is applicable for slow-motion mode video as well. You can format the microSD card and change the data and time accessing the settings menu.

Battery life

Features a run-of-the-mill battery back-up, it would only last for less than an hour during 4K recording, but the good news is that it gets even better at lower resolutions, though. But when Wifi is switched on, battery performance becomes even poorer. And obviously, if you plan to take a quick look at the settings, you would see a big drain out in the battery level.


Albeit, many performance shortcomings, Noise Play is not a flawed choice at its price. And top of all, it comes with a plethora of quality accessories such as a bicycle mount, a tripod mount, a base mount, waterproof case, Micro USB cable, two wrist straps, Velcro straps, adhesive support straps, a pivot joint and cleaning cloth. If you are looking for a decent performance worth the money spent, then Noise Play Action cam is a better choice!

Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4

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