FIFA 2018 review

So, here’s the big deal. FIFA 18 gets released on 29th September all over the world across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox 360. With Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover star by EA sports on the icon edition; it is already out before the official release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, if fans have pre-ordered it.

What’s new in FIFA 18?

You could see a whole lot of changes incorporated in FIFA 18 as against FIFA 17. It is powered by Frostbite™, the in-house engine created by EA DICE on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. However, the Nintendo Switch version does not use Frostbite™. FIFA 18 provides a rather real feel of the game, making it a more sophisticated and lifelike version. FIFA 18 is advanced and so far looks really good with better player models, better lighting; the two being the most conspicuous improvements. And even the stadiums swarming crowds are all seen in most realistic animations in FIFA 18. EA has included all intricate details, in all aspects whether it comes to stadium, lighting or player models.

You can experience region-specific features, for instance, if you have chosen to play in South America stadium, the atmos would be quite different from one that is played in European stadiums. The Ronaldo Edition comes with 20 Jumbo Premium Gold packs, Cristiano Ronaldo Loan for five FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT 18) matches along with eight custom kits.

The Career mode includes many improvements such as transfer negotiations in real-time, training for improvements and playing styles, dynamic quick replacements/ subs during a match sans any pause. Though it is not sure if it is included in Nintendo Switch version as Career mode does not run on Frostbite. Career mode lets you play out the game as a single player or as a manager. The Journey mode also is missing in the Switch game while FIFA 18 Ultimate Team (FUT 18) is incorporated, though.

FIFA 18 has Journey mode regarded as The Journey: Hunter Returns where you can play Alex Hunter and enjoy playing club football by experiencing its subtle features on a nearly realistic platform. The FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT 18) as you know, allows you to organize players from favorite clubs or nations. The new addition in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT 18) is Squad building which lets gaming aficionados to form their best team with the top-players to the list. Spend virtual currency (FIFA coins) for organizing the Ultimate Team. FIFA coins can be earned through playing matches, selling players on the transfer market or finishing off tasks, though you cannot buy FIFA coins online as it would end up losing team either by way of getting it deleted or banned.

All the modes in FIFA 18 undergoes slight changes for increased sophistication. It’s definitely an improved version of FIFA 17 with a plethora of additions for a rich gaming experience!

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