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Canary Flex

What is the Canary Flex?

While the original Canary smart camera was an indoor-only model, the Flex is all about the outdoors and comes loaded with a built-in battery, weatherproof design and adaptable mount.

It slots in at under £200, which is substantially less than the high-end Netgear Arlo Pro, and exactly the same price as the recently-launched Logi Circle 2 outdoor camera.

But for all its promises, I’ve been underwhelmed by the Flex, with its annoyingly short battery life and rather patchy performance proving to be fairly major stumbling blocks. It’s nothing a few software updates won’t fix, but the Flex, right now, is a tough sell.

Canary Flex – Design, features and setup

The Flex looks like a super-sized pill. At 11cm tall with a diameter of 4.8cm, it’s weirdly unwieldy because of its strange shape and semi-spherical base. The Flex can be connected to a variety of mounts, some of which are attached via the tripod thread on the bottom of the device. In the box, you get the magnetic mount, which acts as either a base for placing on flat surfaces, or a wall mount if you want to screw it into a wall.

Final Thoughts

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